Allen AIOT (18 September)discussion

I joined allen’s aiot for jee advanced, and the ranks have not been given(only score rn). So the students who are currently in allen, can someone clarify if it will be published at a later date?

scores aa gaye kya

i am dlp student so wrote on dsat. there it came

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no score came for me

Marks have come now. How much are you all scoring?

pehle aap

139(P1),94(P2 found this really tough :face_with_head_bandage:). Also any idea when air’s would come?

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too good, probably you dont need my score your are very much ahead.

Kya padh ke diya tha broo :slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:
How much did you scored Guy’s…
@AshWin @manan_uppadhyay @others who gave

Can someone share the paper here Allen AiOT

video solutins are also present of this test on csat @AshWin @mihir @Amal-1 @everbodywhogavepaper

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Chorho bro. Nothing great.

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P1 - 137
P2 - 127
Ranks kab aayengi?


Ek doubt clear kar do agar Hume bola h ki nbs ke saath rxn karna h toh kya rearrangement consider hoga…?? Kyu ki free radical banta h but vo sterio specific h toh bata do koi…

Ha rearrangement hoga

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Koi proof h means any notes ya aur kuch…

How to get it. Paper 1 was very easy. Most of the questions they gave is old problems

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In csat in digital material there it is

It has come now, but currently a different list for both classroom and DLP students. Don’t know when they would merge these two and give an overall rank list

i dont see anything on the dlp site, can anyone tell what’s the top score in classroom list?