Allen Major Test Discussion

How did ya all do today’s test

Acc. to me Chem and Phy were easy
I couldn’t solve most of the questions in Math except for the Conic questions

Same here… Maths was tough for me… Chem and physics were a bit easy…
How many questions did you attempt??
And when will we get our marks??

Yeah I did pretty well to! Math I attempted around 10 questions and I left only 6 Questions in bot Physics and Chemistry Combined. Hbu?

Did someone get the AP question. You people are lucky to get a CBT, our center decided to have this one as a pen paper instead. This will also delay the results of all !

I attempted 49 questions.
When will we get marks??

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I Dunno it says within 15 days! We should get it by the end of this week ig

Bro how much u attempted @Sanjay_S

Can you please upload the paper?

Around 55 questions.

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It will be on the app soon . I didn’t come along with the paper but left it on the outside structure of the building on 2nd floor so that everyone can see it but not touch it.

I’m getting 172/300


Classroom students’ results are not yet out so maybe your rank will change soon

Please share the paper.

From where did you check your results??

It’s in the dashboard bro

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I wrote it online bro but I can send you the questions in the format of slides

I got very very less… :cry:

Don’t worry everything will be alright

Nah, don’t do that. It’ll be a waste of time.
@YoDay please upload the paper pdf whenever available.

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Arey bruh doesn’t matter rn. I’ve not seen the paper but from past experience I can tell you that the score test papers are way beyond advanced level. That’s why I told you first touch the 100 mark and then go ahead to get 120s and further… DO NOT GET DEMOTIVATED WITH ALL THIS Bhai… It happens.