Aromatic Compounds

Which of the following aromatic compound is most reactive towards electrophilic addition reaction :
(1) Toluene
(2) Benzaldehyde
(3) Methoxy benzene
(4) Benzene


In anisole the resonace stabilisation from the lone pair of electrons on the oxygen atom is somewhat disturbed through a hyperconjugation. Electron donation from the π lone pair on oxygen to the antibonding molecular orbital of the C-H bond of the methyl group of the anisole takes place.
Because of this it should be less in methoxy benzene right?


Ans is methoxy benzene

Yes bro answer is correct only. OCh3 activates the ring. Resonance delocalisstion of O’s LP to benzene ring makes the aromatic ring more nucleophilic.


Oh ya your right , thanks

I came across this question.The key says that the last second compound in bottom row is aromatic.But I am not getting why?It does not follow Huckel’s rule neither it has all sp2 carbons.So why should be it aromatic.Please explain…

Given answer is wrong. I too had this doubt while solving PYQ. The answer my sir gave was that “if one ring is aromatic then the entire compound is aromatic”. I don’t think that’s right tho.

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That’s right bro


I’ll ask on reddit and let you know. Imo the compound just has aromatic character and isn’t entirely aromatic.

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One guy on Reddit said that it isn’t aromatic. I’ll update as and when people reply on reddit.


This is what the key says too.

Yes, if one ring is aromatic,then the whole compound is aromatic.

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But why?Can you explain…

The reason I don’t know. if a aromatic ring and non aromatic ring are there,aromatic dominates while in other cases like anti aromatic + aromatic the anti aromatic character dominates.

That doesn’t make sense to me. You can say that it has aromatic character but the entire compound isn’t aromatic.

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ab kya kare yar official answer bhi 5 h…

Mai mere organic teacher se puchu?

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