Calculus- good questions from cengage

@anon40123845_ashwin share it here…

Functions - complete subjective + archives dont touch other exercises
Limits - more than 1 correct (10) + archives
Complete subjective for all chapters ( its god level good)
Continuity - objective if u want to do ( 10,22,36,37,38,41,50,58,61,65,76) more than 1 (6)
Compete integer type for it and archives
AOD ( Subjective complete recommend ed for all chapters but yet some good questions i am mentioning)
Subjective (2,11) objective (skip it if u want -20,22,51) more than 1 -2,3,12
Monotonicity ( skip it not good ) just look through illustration
Definite - Subjective + archives ( best combo) + do misscellaneous since i didnt solve objective of it , insolved objective of black book for definite
Indefinite- illustration are ok , i didnt solve objective since did black book
Miscell + ARCHIVES
DIff equation- only do subjective + archives no need for misc too

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