Class 12 HSC board

Is anyone here from Maharashtra HSC class 12 ? Kindly guide me on how to prepare for chemistry since i am struggling with it. My jee prep for chemistry was good and got 99 percentile in jee chemistry but finding difficult recapitulation of answers in board .
Also if possible send any sample papers of new pattern available. Please also tell status of your prep since 7 days only left .

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One good thing is they only ask questions which are either at the back of the chapter or in-text questions. So do that and previous years and you will be good to go.

Unfortunately, I lost the sample paper I had but anyways there will be more options for questions with total marks of 96 marks and you have to attempt max 70 marks.

My preperation - Done Thermodynamis,Electrochemistry, F and D Block, Halogen Derivatives, Biomolecules, Polymers.

Numericals will be 30% of the paper, and only from physical chemistry .

Good luck !


I am finding it difficult to select even 8 Q out of 12 in section B and C of chemistry , because even if i know the concept and write a little in my own lang they give me zero marks even though its correct , they want 100% cut paste from book thats hard to do in such less time after jee

Bro in one week how you gonna do revision , mine one time reading is yet to complete and i am forgetting all thing i learned . How u doing maths ? I am just reading solved example coz its way easier than jee . Also u doing english in last 2-3 days or have you already done it ?

That’s not true. You can write in your own language until it’s correct (Source : official moderators). Remember, 8 points for a 4 mark question. I’m reading from digest, only the questions which are of textbook.

I also feel the same way that I’m forgetting everything however I’ll see previous years before exam so it should get revised afterall…
We don’t have time to read whole textbooks now .

I’ll do English one day before exam.

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I am also struggling with chemistry. Currently I am solving only previous year questions of some selected chapters…

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Thanks bro but dont do digest much since it has some out of book points too.

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Bro its easy to study but recapturing in exam and presentating what you studied is so difficult. How much your prep left only 5 days to go!

I am writing important questions and then reading them again and again. My preparation is not so good.
I have not even read all the chapters properly.
I have reserved 2 days for english.
Physics is more than half completed.
Maths is done leaving LPP , logic and matrices

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Bro i have not yet completed one time reading , my prep is bad than you . Arent you worried of 75% criteria?

Same 2 days for english , maths 7-8 chapters left but i am just reading solved examples as it same as jee
Physics - last 2 chapters left
Chemistry- inorganic left + biomolecules

I am really worried about 75%. My chemistry is really bad.

Same bro !!:sob:
But top 20 percentile is also fine if you dont get 75

Is your all subjects one time reading done ? Or are you revising ?

Bro @YoDay my one time reading of chemistry few chapters is still left and same for physics and match !
Are your all chapters studied once ? I have so less time to do all i am worried ! My prep is still not over so how can i revise previous year questions?

No, not yet read all chapters even once. But in chapters like solid state and Chemical Kinetics I’ll directly read digest and not even chapter once. I can’t really do anything about the extra points given now, because if I read chapter, well I don’t know which part is important and from which part questions don’t come.

And if you’re planning to directly do previous years, it shouldn’t be a problem for you, you got 99+%ile so you obviously already know the concepts…

I’m very weak in Organic so I’m reading that from book.

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Bro i am weak at rattabazi and learning so how it will be easy for me . Also i knew aldol mechanisms and all its concepts and i wrote it in preliums but got zero even though i was correct, they need atleast 80% bookish language
I am not doing PY now , i am completing portion , i will do PY before exam . We got 5 days for physics so probably will read Chemistry PY then coz 5 days a lot for physics

Also @YoDay are you solving complete maths since its super easy , i am only doing derivations and theorems + solved examples.
PS: Got 68/80 preliums maths even after leaving 7M Q and opening board books for once so i think it will be really easy due to JEE

Okay sounds good

Yes, I’m solving each question of maths because it’s not super easy for me, I did not do well in Jee Mains either, but it’s OK if you’re able to solve any question but remember to at least go through them… because you can’t use L-Hopital’s rule, you can’t use integration shortcuts for problems in boards and we’ve to write the steps unlike Jee where we directly solve the questions.

Statements like “a function is always continuous and differntiable in it’s domain” are very important, and units are also important at the end of an answer.


your board is next level messed up bro :joy: :joy: