Doubt from Allen GR

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5m/s for the first one??

Wait it can be 15m/s also😓

Q1) B) 5m/s
Q2) 55 sec

Yes both are answer but plz post solution

No, 1 BD
2 4sec

for the first one.
2 cases arise-
I Case- he is initially at point of projection and travels 10 m.In the sane time projectile travels over it’s complete range.Equating the time will give you the velocity as 5m/s.

II Case- he is initially at point of projection.He travels complete range 20m then reverses it’s direction and travels 10 m.In the same time projectile travels 20m.This will give answer as 15m/s.

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Yes, I did same

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Which one is left

All except 1st

For the last one is the locus is straight line

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Yes bro

Bro @PrathamChopra it was told by sir that when we see a another projectile from a projectile we will see that another is moving in straight line . It gives us some example to prove that and said that it’s fact and it never fails.

It has a logic :innocent:


My sir too have the logic but he told us to write in our way so I left it blank and since then it’s blank.

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@fogx_gofx bro can you try 2nd and 3rd.

@PrathamChopra confirm answers
2nd -54s

2nd-----4 sec.
3rd correct. Plz upload solution

Anyone do this !!

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