Doubt from Atomic Physics




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I feel something is wrong

Bro I am getting only A amd D.Not getting b.

can u post these 2 opt 's sol

Shall i explain?

yupp…it will do

This was told by our sir.

Got it bro or any doubt?
please do clear my doubt also.

I have some contradictions wait ill have to type

I am going to study now.Will see your contradiction in morning…

1)how we can excite an e directly from n=2…e cant be in n=2 …we will have to excite it from ground state …
2) elastic collision can take place as when we excite it from gs …then min to min energy req for a excitation is from n=1 to n=2 …but if the max energy which can be lost (i,e; which can be in inelastic collision …) for this case 4K/5 is less than energy reqd to transfer to 1st excited state …then no transition takes place …and collsion is perfectly elastic


Sorry bro.I took energy of He+ in ground state as zero by mistake.Then I think the options are wrong.

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No prob Bro…

This is what they solved in sol :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

They did 5/4 ×3/4=3/5 :joy: