Doubt from chemistry in everyday life

What all structures do we need to know?
And what all do we need to remember?

As far as I’ve seen from previous years patterns everything given in ncert. Nta guys have no preference.

How can we memorise all these structures? Thats bad from nta.

You’ve started extensive JEE Mains prep, bro?

Have a test tomorrow. So, was doing.

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Have you started @anon83175304_lavesh?

I’ve started revision in physics.

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What material are you solving?

@manan_uppadhyay @anon83175304_lavesh Have you guys completed the syllabus

Yes. Only solid state and bit of communication systems left.

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Our physics teacher went crazy. One regular class and two extra classes everyday, last week. So, physics syllabus complete. Physical Chemistry done. Inorganic Chemistry, qualitative left. Organic few chapters left. Maths quite a lot left.

Modules (haven’t completed most of them, fully) + PYQs.

Here at Talwandi area, study material books etc. is sold 50-70 Rs/kg, but it’d be tough solving a new material now for me.


Bruhh. So you can buy 10 copies of irodov for 50 Rs. :joy:
Sabzi mandi bana rakhi hai ye toh. :joy:


Lol, yeah. Bro, all 11 NCERT in a kind-of new condition for 100 Rs., which can even be bought at 70-80 after a tough bargain. :rofl:


Wtf bro you’re buying tomatoes or what :joy:
Bargain anol :joy::joy:

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Same same My physics faculty is faster than Tachyon particles bro😂
Maths we have the extra topics left

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I’m scared bro we have only 60 days left I’m spazzing out every day😂

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Check NCERT it has the stuctures for all morphine , codein ( single acetate ) and heroin ( di acetate )

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