Doubt from Circular Motion

I am getting √2 and ans given is 2
plzz confirm…

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Same bro

w = root 2
t = root 2 also.

Aise hi kiya na?

umg + 3/5 u mrw^2 = 4/5 mrw^2


Haan Bhai…
Shayd ans galat hoga…

Bro here in your equation yu haven’t considered tangential accelaration

Ohh shite. Ye toh bhul hi Gaya. Thanks bro!

But not getting answer … I am getting √8/5 … Plzz
confirm @LaveshGupta @Amish_1706 @Aastik_Guru @AshWin

I got it 2 bro.
Wait I’ll send the solution.

Sorry for bad picture quality.

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bro i have doubt in the direction of tangential force direction…if we are taking tje radial and tang forces wrt the block then the tangential force should be opp to what u have taken…

mere hisab se to yehi hogi bro…
Btw maine ulti dirn leke bhi dekh li tumhare kehne par, us se maine 3 < 8 prove kar diya. :laughing: