Doubt from Fluid Mechanics

Visualise hi nhi ho rha ques mein krna kya hai


bro, The left side will have higher pressure as the car is moving towards right so the ball(less denser than medium) will get a thrust force towards right …that will cause accln towards right… F(pseudo)< F(thrust)
thrust can be found as you find the buoyant force.
in the vertical axis its regular motion

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I got the same question in some test I gave yesterday or few days back. Same problem:

Which test? @LaveshGupta

this is aits fiitje

fiitjee rtpf hai…

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@Abhinav.08 Are you enrolled in fiitjee?

Yess bro…I was a student of 2 yr classroom prg in fiitjee in my 11 and 12…and in drop yr i am enrolled in fiitjee aits…

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Is the answer A,C??