Doubt from Fluid Mechanics

I am not conceptually clear here can you please explain me why we have written volume of stone
V2 = m2/rho s and why not V2 = m2/rho l

Can u say your doubt again? What is “rho I” that you mentioned? In question I can only see “rho s” and “rho W”. @Gaurav_Singh

Edited see the pic
rho means density
rho s = material
rho l = liquid
@Binod bro can you clear this doubt

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Density of stone = Mass of stone/volume of stone

So, volume of stone = mass of stone/ density of stone.
Thus V_2 = m_2 \over p_s


Bro agar hum koi aisa substance le jo ki bas liquid ke upper layer ke niche float kar raha ho tab hum kya likhenge density of stone ya density of water
I think density of stone

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If the block is completely inside liquid then volume of liquid displaced by block = volume of block = mass block/density block.

But if the block is not completely immersed/submerged, then volume of liquid displaced, block pe force balance karke nikalenge. mg = p(water) V(of water displaced by block) g.
Idhar se V = m/p(water) aayega
Toh iss case me denominator me p(water) aayega.

First case (when completely inside) me p(water) nahi aane ka reason ye hi hh ki vo block poora doob chuka hh, toh volume toh block ki hi use karenge (aise force balance karna hi nahi pada).

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