Doubt from GR

Doubts From GR

1st question

doubt in B and C option

confusion in P to Q step

4th question only

8th question only

26 number question only

How to determine stability

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reduction of -no2 to -nh2

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in d ,the base abstracts most acidic h and negative charge produced on resonance will give on oxygen and O- will attack on cl

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that i know but in the compound P there is a CN as well which will be reduced to -C=NH , but i am confused whether this will happen or not

Bro. I don’t know the Answer but i suggest go to NCERT ELLINGHAM Diagram Uddhar 473K se kaam naa ho woh answer.


Please blur the ones which are solved.


Answer is 2

actually nothing is solved @Cooljet123

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na bro zero diya hai

Ncert mai CaO and Fe2O3 ka nhi diyaa hai. So i thought k Unka G>0 hoga. Baki MgO and Al2O3 ka G<0 diyaa hai.

Ig IIT apne ko Ellingham mai de de ga.

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sorry bro i by mistake wrote D as doubt actually i want to ask B and C.

Answer is D?

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CaO KA line sabse nicche hota hai.

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