Doubt from IRODOV

I need energy method for the following problem (82)


This was the same problem asked in last myPAT Pre-Series also…
@Cooljet123 @Rudra_d @Seshank @LaveshGupta @mihir @adikap13 @Gaurav_Singh @Sanjay_S And other frnds also!

@Aswin24 Why do you want to use the energy method by the way? Just asking. Can’t it be done normally?

Here is the solution by the way…


Just want to know different approach… I know the force method and there is energy method for this too for this problem… I usually don’t try energy methods even tough they are easier… So just asked to learn from this

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Oh. You might find it useful in shm. Personally I don’t use them unless absolutely necessary.

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you’re asking physics doubts to me that too irodov :rofl: :rofl:

NO one is dumb and no one too intelligent bro! IROdov only nah! Athuku avola scene illa bro :sweat_smile:

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thalaiva irodov pakkam thala vechi kuda paduka mudiyathu ennala

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:sweat_smile: :rofl: ! It might be low level for you ah! :sweat_smile: No problem! Neenga XI the la try panniruklam! You would have liked it

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yennakum physics kum set eh agathu nanba.

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