Doubt From Modern Physics

when work function and intensity is kept constant and frequency is increased what happens to stopping potential and saturation current ?
i’m genuinely confused with life :confused: please enlighten me

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no of photons is IA/hf now since f is increasing so no of photons gaat raha heh therefore no of electrons jo bahar aah raha heh vo bhi gaat raha heh tho saturation current gatna chahiye naa :sob: :sob:
JEE’s official solution has taken saturation current as constant why?

@Sanjay_S If frequency is constant , saturation current increases with intensity and if intensity is constant then stopping potention increases (in negative value ) with increase of frequency


What about saturation current?

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Bro saturation current will remain same. No.of photons emitting out of a surface does depend on frequency but E=nhf (where f=frequency) and we don’t know anything about E. Therefore we cannot conclusively say that increasing f will yield a decreasing n.

When f is increased only stopping potential is affected. i.e. Stopping potential becomes increasingly negative. Intensity is the only factor that increases saturation current.

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Ok I understand your point but how is my explanation wrong ?

This one

What is IA here?

Intensity and Area subtended by beam ( not surface )

How do you know that Area subtended by the beam is a constant? It isn’t mentioned

No I checked area subtended by beam is always constant

Not sure. This is the first time I’m encountering the formula that you mentioned. Check with a trusted source and let me know.

Also, I would like to know as to where you had checked about the area being constant. Link me to somethin maybe?

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I took the Etoos Video Mock test series. The solution video will be out by tommorow will share.
No I didn’t ask anyone isnt it obvious that area is a constant term?

You’ve studied Radiation pressure right under photoelectric effect
We use this here

Lambda/c is f so IA/hf
So he said area under beam is constant the only thing which can change is I and F
So I came to a conclusion using this

Dei I’ll check with my sir later da… BOARDS!

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Lol chill chill don’t get carried away

Seshu sorry for disturbing but did you get it?