Doubt from organic

Q4,Q23,Q17,Q1 in ques 17 answer is given only B i think it should be ABD…



Is 1 , 4 ? 10 ,1 ? 2, D ?

For 4 th question of 1 at post , rate is more for Cl because In case of chlorine it increases the electron deficiency of Carbonyl carbon while in others due to resonance it reduces.

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1 ka 3 hai , 10 ka 2 hai , haa 2 ka 4 hai

In 23 kinetically controlled product forms at very low temp, at the given temp , reaction is controlled thermodynamically and 1,4 addition takes place

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For 17 question, to react with Na acidic Hydrogen must be present which is present only in B

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In 1st question of 1st post , Sn2 reaction will take place and OMe will replace Br

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Bro please correct if wrong , i think that bond between C and Cl is 2p-3p so not effective overlapping so it is easily removable ?

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In 27 only 3 has chiral carbon.

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Bro what about cis trans alkene product ?

In 1st kolbe reaction is taking place and para product is major I think
For 8th, it is clemmemson reduction and aldehude, ketone are reduced by it.
No idea for last one

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I think you are correct.

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My mistake I didn’t read NH3

Bro one ques that how do we think if in ques reagent are like this type MeOH and MeONa then in this will MeO^{-} will act as nucleophile or base ?

Every nucleophile first tries to act as a base and in the given question there is no acidic H so it will act as a nucleophile

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Bro 1 ka 2 diya h

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