Doubt from P Block (Oxygen Family)

So, NCERT has this line(first line in the first picture).

All elements except oxygen form dichlorides and dibromides.

Now, my doubt is, upon looking in jd lee for dihalides of Se, I found out that JD Lee has no mention of it. (Attached the table, in 2nd pic)

So, what should be the final statement?
The exception would only be Oxygen or do we include Se also, though there’s no mention of it in NCERT and no specific article about it in JD LEE?


JEE will definitely not gonna ask such controversial details, but to be on the safer side we have to assume Se forms a dihalide, even though it is clearly written in tondon that " All elements except selenium forms stable dichlorides and dibromides." Also imo oxygen is exception because those compounds are named oxides instead of halides and bromides?
That’s the problem with NCERT, there are many such half baked statements given which contradicts from other sources.


Yeah abt the oxygen part, ig it’s because they are called oxides, like u just mentioned. Cool then! Ig it would be safe to just follow NCERT for this detail. Thanks!

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