Doubt from System of particles

How to find the maximum displacement of spring.??
These questions are generally solved in frame of reference of COM… But i m not able to do so…
So can anyone solve this question using COM as FOR…??


will try this later i’m on my way home

Nahi hua bro

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bhai thu ground frame meh math karo kyunki com rest meh nahi heh so shm will be involved time meh relation milega do by com frame its eazy peazy after that

find Acc of com and pseudo lagao after that conserve momentum and energy

Nahi samjha bro… Please can you solve the question fully and send…

bro is the answer \frac{F}{k} ?

Yes bro… How did you get it?

Do you want me to send it?

Do this in ground frame bro

COM frame meh halka sa dikhath ho Raha heh

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I will generalize so that you can understand the solution better. I will take m1 and m2 instead of taking masses as equal. Will upload solution soon (ETA=30 min)

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Okk thank you very much…
But i have a small doubt here… What actually is changing when we solve it in COM frame compared to ground frame??

dont consider pseudo force in ground frame na

Ohkk… But the condition for max compression will be same na?

pretty much.

If you don’t mind can you send solution for that…