Doubt in heat transfer

help guys

ans i abcd
thank you

I think they did this in class. I’ll check my notes


sorry bro its a different problem. ill try solving it tho

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solution @Sanjay_S

I think question lacks details as I only have one relation between three temperatures and only one of them is known.So i think that question is incomplete.
I am not sure though…

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Its FIITJEE AITS Bro they form relations with no data …give the sol … and all goes above the head. . :joy::joy::joy:


Right… So do u have a solution

Which year aits bro

:rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket: ki tarah sir ke upar se nikal gaya

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Which aits bro


same paper mein unne divergence se related ek que puccha tha elecrto ka.kuch samaj ni aaya sol dekh ke…:joy:

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Which year actually