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Write b+c as 2-a, c+a as 2-b etc. and then row operations. It should not be too lengthy.


I have a few more doubts is it cool if I post all of them here? They’re from many other topics in math.
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Yeah, tag me in Maths doubts, I have a higher chance of solving them.


Thanks! I’ll post them all in this thread



is the answer for 48th one is 20185

have bansal clp solution

you have bansal CLP solutions


Is Q21 b? Just do casework. (Im replacing the 6 numbers on the die with 6 distinct colours). If there is 1 colour on all die then 6 possibilities. If there are 2 colours, (6 choose 2) gives us number of pairs of colours. Let the colours we have chosen to be on the die be X and Y. We can let the colours on any die be one of two possible colours so total configurations is 2^5. But we have also included the cases where the die have only one colour, so we need to subtract 2. Answer is 6 + (6 choose 2) * ( (2^5) - 2)


Thanks! can you help with number 28? I’m weak there…

For Q 28 as AX=0
Then the eqn either have trivial solns or non trivial soln as x=7 is given then det(A) should be 0 using this you can find value of K now with the help of it do matrix multiplication forms liner eqn of y and z solve and get your ans…

what’s the answer coming as? I’m getting BC

Bro 29th question bas itna hi diya hai?

Yes. O= circumcentre, I=incentre

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any question left bro @adikap13?

Ig there are proofs online. Wait what is I2 and I3 ?


bro for the 49th one is the answer given is 2 and for 48th is the answer 20185