FIITJEE Class 12 Reshuffling Papers 20-19 - Chennai

Question Papers

Phase 1&2 - Paper 1.pdf (7.7 MB)

Answer Keys

Phase 1&2 - Paper 1.pdf (34.9 KB)

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@Chaitanya attempt this paper. It’s based on class 11 concepts only. Since you were asking for something like this.

@Sujit do you have the answer key?

Sure, let me send it

Edit: @Seshank done!


Thanks a lot!

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Eii q paper kya savi center ke lie tha.?

Chennai ka hai

Where is paper 2?

There are a total of 4 papers. I don’t have them now as I’m out of town, I will share them when I get back. Until then try this paper. Physics numericals have good quality questions.

I am also from fiitjee

Can you please send the other parts of the reshuffling test.will be of great help to me.thanks in advance.:slight_smile: