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Has anyone read the condition imposed by NTA on photographs which says background should be white and photograph should be clicked after 1/09/2019, is it for those also who have given January attempt?

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Even i have the same doubt , in january we took only 1 photo to the centre , now 6 ? Whats this all about? Whats post card size photo useful for !?


Mine also

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It is there on nta site regarding new dates for correction.

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this one

Ye kya hai .hamko laga jo jan me diye usse kaam ho jayega .thanks @sonu_shaw bro


Are u doing self study or do u have some coaching material in hard copy form?

this is your only key believe me do all of them subjective to objective topic wise … preferaby 2013-19 through discussion by various institutes …

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Yes this is the best way but you might still end up with 140 in tests but do not get demotivated as tests are not jee but PYQ is the real jee
But I see there’s so much time so u should do something extra


i have often come across 1,4 addition but never understood it completely, in my class it was not taught . so if anyone has good notes or source regarding this pls provide. i need to clarify this concept.

@Kshitijranaw 1,4 addition is seen in many cases bro
Like when hydrogenation of di alkene or in Micheal addition type cases (alken and ketone together type)
Do u have a question which requires this info as I don’t have a theory completely based on 1,4 it available in patches in 3 to 4 chapters

I haven’t uploaded with name & date of photo. What to do now

BITSAT has been postponed ???
its on their website

Mine also
So, now do we have to change or not?

Yes, already posted by @AshWin
On the other thread

ok thanks

When was it? September 23rd na?