Jee advanced preparation

Since jee mains is over and i am pretty confident in it , i am starting with jee advanced preparation. What are you guys planning?

are you not going to study for boards ?

Board + adv
Time devision as in boards -80% and adv -20%

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You can do 50% boards and 50% advanced since pcm is kinda done for mains. This is what i am doing.

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i am like
60%boards 30 % mains 10%advanced

bro i didnt study my optional subjects once for this year so need to do it. i opted electronics which is too much ratta based but like half physics

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Sorry for offtopic…
Are structures in solid state like corundum,spinel,pervokusite,rutile are in syllabus of jee advanced?
@Rudra_d @LaveshGupta @Nishant_Thakre @anon40123845_ashwin

They will tell the details in a paragraph if they give. Explicitly not mentioned in syllabus

But learn nacl, cscl, zns, graphite, fluorite, Antifluorite, spinel, inverse spinel


What about identification of spinels/inverse spinels? @Rudra_d

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I haven’t studied spinels.

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Spinels :
General formula AB2O4 … O 2- is ccp , 1/8th TV is occupied by A2+ and 1/2th of OV is occupied by B 3+

Eg. MgAl2O4, ZnFe2O4

Inverse spinel Fe3O4 ( FeO. Fe2O3 )
Fe3+:Fe2+ = 2:1 … Fe2+ and half of Fe3+ occupy OV and the other half of Fe3+ occupy TV



Haan bro this is all dandy, but how do we identify wether a particular compound is a spinel or an inverse spinel? @Aswin24

Edited after translation @Aswin24


I have seen a few problems only in this part… They mostly can be solved by remembering the general formula of Spinel cpds… Not much type here bro @Ishaan_Shrivastava

Another thing Idk Hindi ( only to some extent )

Wired ! Hearing this for first time

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in spinel if A2+ CFSE is higher then inverse
if B3+ CFSE is higher then normal


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( Source : Wiki )

bro, The circular polarized EM waves as the name suggest a component of it, describes a circular path… The rotating vector is the Electric field vector of constant magnitude…
( Ig polarization is not in JEEA syllabus )

For the second one, that’s an important point bro, surface has two interfaces , one at bottom and other at top ( You shouldn’t forget this any time ) but a water droplet has only one interface ( if you can imagine )… As there are two interface ( separated by a small thickness ) always these typ of ST sums involve that factor 2…

@Rachit_Gandhi Be careful in questions where do you need to use that factor 2 or not based on the questions scenario


i thought it was for soap films thanks a lot bro :slightly_smiling_face:

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If I am not targetting for excellent marks, is it okay if I leave ( go through lightly ) a few topics as I have very less time? And focus on my stronger areas? @Rudra_d @Cooljet123