Jee advanced vs Bitsat

I am really confused and wonder can anyone please guide me if should I prepare for jee advanced or BITSAT
My situation in brief - I got 99.2 in jee Jan and always got above avg in my adv test at coaching , I am general and don’t think after putting so many efforts I will land in top 500 or 1000 or even 1500 in Advance but I think I have IQ to do it . The only thing bugging me is that is it worth putting so many efforts and land in rank like 2000-5000 where no good branch and IIT I can get due to my general category and I think bits as my safe option as I can get CS and good there pretty easily , also it may sound strange but my parents won’t send me to iit like Kharagpur, Jammu which are far off from Mah and not close to urban spots . Only possible options I have are IITB,IITD,IITM , IITH etc ,. Should I put all my energy into adv without no security I will get good in it or just do BITSAT prep , I don’t want to be mediocre in jee adv , so should I completely focus on bitsat or do adv and start bitsat prep a little later in april? Please anyone guide me @Seshank @manan_uppadhyay @Neel

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First of all a big big congratulations bro for 99.2!! Since you’ve scored above 99 so you should aim for advanced for sure…this is what above 99+ ilers are being told in my coaching institute…bitsat would be easily hackable for you!! You just need to see few previous year papers and pattern of bitsat…that’s it Bro…and you can always land up in top 500…who knows…all the best…


bro I got 98.7 ile and I myself am preparing for advanced :joy: :joy:. Don’t overthink at this juncture bro If youre getting 99+ in mains then BITSAT should be a cake walk


Guys, what have you completed till now for advanced/ mains??
I just want to check if where i m in my prep compared to you all…
(sorry, i know its off topic)
And one more thing what marks gave 98 - 99.5 percentile this year??

Check mohit tyagi sir’s video on this strategy after jee mains…

So guys I finally decided , thanks for your suggestions @Neel and @Sanjay_S and i am going to adv prep before bitsat
Kindly see my plan and suggest if changes required -
After boards
During march till jee main

  • Revise all chapters

  • I completed PY of adv till 2014 so will do 2015,16,17 as mock

  • Test Series + AITS

  • Resonance rank booster ( i will try to complete maths and physics one will do chemistry in april )

  • MS chouhan (adv) almost over so will finish it same with Navasthi and Vishal joshi

  • in end some mains mock before jee april
    After jee main april

  • Test series + AITS (3 per week ) including 2018,2019 papers

  • Revise NCERT + reso booster chemistry + imp Q revise

  • After 20th april i will start bitsat english + TESTS of it along with adv prep

  • black book for maths revision and revise all Imp Q from books i solved

  • During may - TESTS only (Adv) and in increased frequency compared to april
    All valuable suggestions appreciated


Just one thing more @Sanjay_S should i revise MS.C in april since my most is completed coz some questions of it are exceptions and not in syllabus or just stick to tests for solving organic questions?

Kya planning kiya heh bhai mast heh :joy:


Thanks bro! Suggest me changes if you think.

since you’re just doing revision my recommendation is to cover all the subjects daily

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if you aren’t doing organic till april then you’ll forget everything and lafda hojayega

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Yes i do 2 subjects a day , and by revision i mean resolving chapterwise good questions

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No i am doing MSC complete in march ( some part is left) and test series question bank

are you from resonance?

No allen but i left it 3 months before jee jan
So self study guy now.

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I only go to give tests and no classes

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then take your allen module and revise all the questions not necessary you have to solve all the questions just take the questions which you didn’t do at the first shot

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No problem with organic , its my fav . I will definitely forget inorganic though, i read short notes of chemistry each night before jee jan so probably will start that after boards too.

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But Dpp are good so will revise them.

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Bro, not demotivating you but are you sure you will be able to complete all these before advanced?

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