JEE Mains September Results

Congrats @Ishaan_Shrivastava , @Naman1 , @titu , @PrathamChopra , @Karan_Ralhan , @Cooljet123 , @Electric_arch , @Kshitijranaw and @fogx_gofx on your success in jee main.
All the best for your jee advanced preparation :cowboy_hat_face:


Nowhere close to anyone on here. Don’t want to share coz of humiliation. I have no idea what and how and why this happened. jus a big blob of disappointment.


Got 99.52 Rank 5445 “Palindrome” kash percentile bhi palindrom hota 99.99 type


OMG OMG OMG! Congrats to everyone else getting 4/3 digit ranks!
My “improvement”:
Jan - 96.5
September - 90.2 (heartbroken)
Final CRL -37.5K
But life moves on…


bhai tensn mat kr, bhagwan ne kuch aur better soch rkha hoga


Chodo bro… At the end of the day, I got what I deserved and everyone else got what they deserved. There’s no backtracking now.

Imma give BITSAT and JEE(A) a shot. If both of them don’t work out then I’ll have to settle for my backup. Again, I’ll get what I deserve in any case.


99.956 percentile
I’m satisfied and happy…couldn’t have done better (maybe a bit but not much)
Jan -99.8329


I just wanted to say that don’t stick to your Mains result, move on with life, they don’t and shouldn’t define you.
My advice for you would be to focus on JEE - A and other exams coming up. I fucked up my Mains in 2018 too, but I didn’t look back and was able to do well in JEE - A and other such exams. Focus on the path left to travel. You’ll probably be better off that way.
Also, Congratulations Everyone.


@Cooljet123 bro how much marks in 4 2 u get for 99.93 ?


@Aswin24 tumne apne result nhi bataye…

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I was scoring 170 in the 3 sep shift 1 but still my percentile is 94. How I am reallyy not able to understand . I have checked the answer key carefully . How is this possible ? The hard work got wasted . This is so uneblievable .


Look brother due to very low no. Of students has appeared in jee mains sept so there is a huge drop in everyone percentile… We all know that these all marks lie in which range but due to low attendance rate we all have to accept this… And stopping think about it…


Look i can stop thinking baout this but then what to do . Being a general candidate I am not going to get anything . and i am not sure that for advance … like working so hard and the result in the end is this … someone from my coaching with 150 got 97 on the same day same shift i dont know how is this possible


nope bro it cant be true , I got 158 in this and got 95.5

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:clap: congratulations to all my seniors who got great result.


Bro there are lots of cases like these.
People on 6 shift are getting 99+ percentile for 140-150 marks (not everyone just few i know). In some other shifts 180+ is getting you barely 99 percentile. At this point you can either waste a lot of time analyzing and feeling bad for yourself or get your head back into the game and move on. Many are the in the same boat as you, as you said its the end result and we can’t change it anymore. So lets work on things we CAN change. Best of luck man. :slight_smile:


Yes one of my friend is getting 211 marks in 3rd sept shift 2 and he got 98.91%ile while other who got 200 nearly in my shift 3rd sept shift 1 has got 99.03%ile my friend is very disappointed and vo dukhi bhi h kafi issi reason se…


guys i am taking this decision of dropping a year
i have realised that i havent put 1% effort that you guys have been putting
hope all you guys after getting iit do visit this website regularly(ps:i am a man of self study and i left it after lockdown due to distractions)…in this i can clear my doubts :grin:
maybe some guys who arent satisfied with their results will do the same


Are you planning to do self study or join a coaching?

the friend @Karan_Ralhan is referring to is me only.
I didn’t tell my rank and percentile because I was disappointed. I can’t get what happened.3 2 was toughest shift as said by everybody.But I just got 98.93 for a score of 211.I performed by best as many things that came in exam were not taught by my sir.
But I still can’t understand what is normalisation.Despite toughest shift,insted of benefiting they just did ruined the result
My others friends who were in this shift are also angry and frustrated.This ia too much injustice.

But now I have decided to forget everything and perpare for advanced as there will be same paper for all so equality will be maintained.