Maths doubts

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50th D?
46 d?

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Manan answer key not yet released…Pl could you send pic of solutions…thanks…

Any other efficient method?

For the other question, if time permits, can manually calculate cube of 999 if time permits(which is quite stupid but is very high likely to get the right answer.)


Thanks @Ani_Ark please can you try others also… Answerkey not out but your solution seems to be correct!!

Guys please help…

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Bro my tab camera not working. Can’t upload. I can tell the approach tho.

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Yes please…

50th can be written as:
= (1012^2 -1)(1012+3)
= 1012^3 + 2 1012 -3

So remainder is -3 which is 8.


4th Ya correct way, hit and trial

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46th is lengthy. You need to count the digits.
[1-10) 9 digits.
[10 to 20) 2Ă—10 digits
So, [10 to 1) 9Ă—2Ă—10 digits.

Similarly write for 3 digit numbers.


Thanks bro

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