Mechanics doubt

How to solve? Nevermind, I got this one

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Is the ans for 13 th one 50N ?

No it’s 10N

Can you explain it?

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Answer is 4.5m , is there anything wrong with the answer?
@Navjeet_Kohli @manan_uppadhyay @Abhinav.08 @Aastik_Guru @Harish_R @VenkatAmith @manan_uppadhyay

Perfectly inelastic?

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Perfectly inelastic matlab ki wo along the plane move karega phir.I think so…


The component of velocity perpendicular to the surface will become 0. So, the particle will move upwards along the surface


Thanks @Rade_Woosh @Aastik_Guru , got it. Woh plane pe hi move karenga.

but isse mera answer kuch aur aa rha h.Shayad I am doing calculation error

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mera kyo ni aa rha but root (340) velocity aayi upar tak ki phir uska component root (170)

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What is the source of this qu bro

Sorry mera bhi nahi aa raha , velocity incline pe root(170) aa rahi na?
@Aastik_Guru answer mera 3+8.5 aya.

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Hn mera final answer 11.5 aa rha h.
Question error h.I did the same question in rank booster shared by @Shreyansh_Saxena it too has the answer 4.5 but in that question angle is different.So i think it’s a question error.

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do give it a try…i am not getting it. :sweat_smile:

That v/3 for both is correct right
Given in the bottom left is.the key I presume

yes that’s the answer can you send the solution…

just give me few mins
in short i ll tell u the accelerations for both block turn out to be the same and thus after using constraints there accelerations are 1/3 of the one being pulled thus in time t vel becomes v for string and v/3 for blocks
i ll send sol in some time