Mixed Maths Doubts

I always get stuck on these type of question. How to do?

How to do this one too…

Please confirm if it is B.

Proper method? I put n=1 and n=2.

If it isn’t specified, do we treat [x] as a normal bracket??

How to do this?

How to do this as well?

1st one… P1 + lambda P2 = 0
Family of planes… Then put (0,0,0) and find lambda…


Bro that y=x^x^x wala log lagake diff kardo
I’ll send a pic if you don’t get it

I did by y = x^y and then differentiated. Just wanna confirm the answer, since it was not given.

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You’re correct only

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And for 2nd one as @Sanjay_S said take log on both sides and the power is same as y…

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Bro in jee they’ll specify if it’s gif or not so won’t be a problem i think it’s gif here too

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No not gif…answer none of these.

Q1. and Q3. are done, thanks to you guys. Please try other one also. :slightly_smiling_face:

Complex no ques z=1 ?

The last question will be infinite i guess…

Don’t know answer. Plz tell the method.

Don’t know answer. Method?

I’ll write more neatly and send if you dont understand

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I have a doubt as well can i post it here?

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Aha, brilliant bro. Never thought this.

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Sure bro. Apna hi thread samjho.

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Ques no 3 nahi hoh raha heh bhai
I feel that the question is wrong

Trying, wait.

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Answer is d for that f’© blah blah…
It doesn’t have a local max or min at c ig
Not sure