Need recommendation for MATHS book

Hello friends! Can anyone suggest me a mathematics practice book having new and unseen problems. Preferably an objective book because I am pathetic with respect to my accuracy (especially in more than one correct).

U may also suggest subjective problem collection but the problems should be new.:grinning:

Are u in class 12 or 11?


meets your needs

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I mean I don’t know my class :sweat_smile:…I have given my 12th exams.

Are the problems lengthy in It? In JEE the problems require much rigour and somewhat tricks as well.

Giving JEE 2020 if it is not cancelled​:joy::joy:

Have you solved any other book related to JEE? If Balckbook is the first book that you’re picking up, then I fear this is not the correct book, for beginning. Arihant or Cengage should help.

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Yes you should start with cengage
Its perfect with proper solutions

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I have solved TMH series (by Vinay Kumar) for most of the topics and cengage for trigonometry coordinate and vector3d. Though in TMH I solved all the subjective questions only and never touched the objective ones. But now I want to practice some good objective problems which are similar to JEE and the objective exercises of TMH are full of mistakes.

Try Sameer Bansal for calculus, for which there is sufficient time to complete,. Atleast 30% of maths is calculus ig. Problems would be new for you hopefully!

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Bro like sameer bansal are there any other book for other chapters???

tmh or a das ( subjective ) for algebra
and for coordinat sl loney ( not sure of this )
trigo dont know

also there are lot of grb books for these topics written by sameer bansal


Try GMP if you have time. It has good questions covering all the chapters.