New Doubt in Rotation

I forget to put angle theta at point B.
Anyway ,could anyone solve this ?

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The Vel & Accln of A are placed wrongly…
Specify the direction correctly…

Hint:Use constraint that vel & accln along the rod is same since rod is rigid

Are you sure ? I just copied the question from the book. And the concept of rigid body constraint is given after this problem. According to the , order given in the book it looks like it has be solved using uniform pure rolling (I dont know why?).
This is a solved example, so should i give the solution(I couldn’t understand it.) also?

there is some mistake in the question as the Va and Aa should be given at A and not B

Sorry that was a mistake

B is actually A.

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Refer this


Correct one

Another method for finding angular vel of rod would be by using ICR

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The question isn’t fully solved yet
What about the acceleration?

differentiate the velocity obtained

italic a and italic w are angular velocity and angular acceleration

Why does the acceleration of A have a component at B pointing outward of the rod?