PnC doubt

easy one bro
3^6 - 3*(2^6 - 1)
subtracting the case from total where box is left empty
ill send you a detailed soln if you didn’t get it

put 1 box empty and put 6 balls in 2 boxes = 2^6
and since boxes were 3 so 3*(2^6 - 1)
subtract this from totltat

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It’s not an easy question per se. At least I didn’t get the answer for 10 minutes. maybe i’m dumb :confused: sad baby yoda noises


this video has the same question solved see this hes given
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ok boomer :joy:

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Thankss to all

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Any body

Is it C ?
If not tell the answer pls.

B) 32

Got it bro.
Will send the solution after dinner.Really awsm question…

Here is the solution

Ignore the background…


try wenn diagram approach … will upload solution a bit later @Siddharth_Khandelwal

plz help…