Revised Rules (effective 6/6/2021)

Several Regulars and I, myself, too have noticed that the amount of quality discussions are going down day-by-day. Nowadays, doubtion is over-crowded with materials, strategies, and off-topics posts, which to some extent help in overall preparation, but they do not serve the exact purpose of the website. Thus, the main part i.e. doubt solving and discussion atmosphere is degrading with every coming day.

So, to ensure that academic posts do not diffuse into the non-academic posts (aka off-topic posts) we will have to put an end to this non-academic part here, and shift this part of doubtion completely, to a new telegram group (link given below) which will serve the purpose of:

  1. Off-Topic Posts (the thread here is deleted already)
  2. Strategies and Book Suggestions
  3. All sort of advice on any topic

(these will be referred as points 1-4 throughout the remaining post)

TELEGRAM LINK: (open to all)


  • With this Telegram Group in action, most ‘Advice Needed’ and ‘Strategies’ and ‘Book Suggestion’ threads will be CLOSED (old posts won’t be deleted, BUT new posts will be restricted) and just for sake of immediate accessibility and sudden help, just ONE such thread will be kept OPEN and you will have to use that thread ONLY ( to be used if you are not able to access telegram for some reason). However, I will still request you to use the telegram group for seeking points 1-4 mentioned above.

  • See, is absolutely free to use and I do not want any user to not be able to access it, so PLEASE FOLLOW THE RULES as they are, and do not make even a single off-topic post (and other posts mentioned in points 1-4 above) here on Doubtion. You may freely use the telegram group for that or the one extra (but less suggested) thread which’ll be up in a few hours from now.

  • A slip-up off-topic post while have a discussion of a question (asked as a doubt) is very natural and does NOT count as a strike. We whole heartedly encourage discussions over here. Also, you have freedom to go a little off-track (cause often I have seen that happening and it is fine) and you’ll never face trouble in that if you make a slip-up once in while (just don’t overdo it and delete the posts which are non-contributing to the discussion.)

  • Most of the productive threads (which do not have prior instances of casual chit-chats) belonging to the lounge will remain open, except for a few which have severe amount of OT index.

With this, I would like to end this pretty long announcement. I hope you guys will be supportive enough. I mean all this may seem strict and all but this is for our welfare only.
If we have doubtion, I believe, we have a distraction free place to discuss and enrich our knowledge, but if we keep doing unnecessary stuff (points 1-4) then we ourselves are creating distractions for us.



Revised Rules (effective from 6/6/2021)

  1. STRIKE SYSTEM is completely removed as the following category posts have reduced to nil, here. Thank you so much everyone for supporting. :pray: :pray:

  1. Please don’t start making off-topic posts again as there are no strikes, or else things will go haywire again. Please keep all posts pertaining to point 1-4 on the telegram group ONLY like we all did in the last two weeks. :slight_smile: