Revision Strategy

What is your strategy right now? For the next 15-20 days?? @Sanjay_S @manan_uppadhyay @Seshank @Harish_R

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I toh planned to cover remaining theory and only revise theory till March 31. and then solve questions and revise theory in April.

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  1. Wake up Early in the Morning Glance thur’ Inorganic notes ( Time limit:3hrs )
  2. Physical I’m practicing lots of numerical questions ( Randomly from everywhere )
  3. Organic- Revising my notes and solving NJ Sir’s DPP ( Has like 500 questions per chapter, i can share if you want )

I’m genuinely confused with what i have to do.

Solving OP questions and chilling out xD


I decide to read a chapter, leave midway at any point when i don’t feel like reading the chapter. Get confused, search YT for strategy. Find nothing there because all the videos I have already seen. See the vast vast syllabus. Sit back. Repeat.

I’m having the same problem with physics. I’m going to make my math and chemistry strong just do important topics in physics. I took many chapter tests in physics not getting above 50 always varies from 30-50 ( upon 120 )

organic : Ranjeet Shahi
Physical : Just questions from Narendra Awasthi book
Inorganic : NCERT

Maths :
Randomly 30 problems from CENGAGE / Reso booster

Physics :
I have to literally study everything …as of now I only ncert level 12 th class knowledge …so I am going to study from scratch from DCP


Pls suggest any other best ideas if u know @manan_uppadhyay @ThirdJuly @Sanjay_S @Seshank

What to read in theory for maths. i am kinda weak at it. IDK how to approach it at this time.

This is what I am doing for physics and chemistry, atleast.

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Study from cengage/ Arihant solve ncert Exemplar first and do Reso booster

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This is weird to ask but how many hours are you guys able to pull in a day?

Most frustrating thing is I have to still write my comp exam …given that I am not in mood to give CBSE Exams😕

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Bro if u were in my position (weak in physics ) what would u do ?

voila i have company xD

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If I were weak in Physics, I would study theory from a book and solve intext problems from the same book. And then start solving problems.

Books like PG have a lot of theory and intext problems while HCV has very less theory and intext problems.


Also, what is this whole “relevant” problems on ATP channel. I am thinking of not doing MS Chouhan due to this. I’d rather do my untouched bansal modules than doing MSC after seeing VK sir’s videos. @Sanjay_S @Seshank

i’m wasting a lot of time on the internet lately bro. 5-6 hours only. Ive wasted a lot of time

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One more thing which my sir told when Bansal was just closed is that study electric field at the focus of different uniformly charged conics, magnetic field at the focus of current carrrying conics, and moment of intertia of conic shaped plates and wires.

These are new topics which can be asked.