Should I give more tests?

The schedule given by Allen is as follows. I want to know if I should take up some other test series as well.

And can someone just glance through and check if this covers every topic. Like ek bhi miss nhi hona chahiye

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You can consider joining one if you want more practice.

I really wanted to join fiitjee aits but my coaching tests are all clashing. :disappointed_relieved:
You have online test series too, so i dont think any other would be needed.

Tried solving some questions of OC From the previous year AITS! The questions are too good! Many of them are ambiguous! Btw which insti are you from?


Afaik, every topic is there. However, you should give more full syllabus tests in like December, last year, there were 17 FS tests here in December itself, this year there will be 15.

I beg to differ. If question quality is correlated with how lengthy the question is then the chemistry part of ChaiNa and FIITJEE AITS papers can be considered of good quality. Else if the logicality of every question is considered then Allen supersedes.

And btw you have all the right to avail FIITJEE AITS coz you have paid for it and FIITJEE has not refunded your AITS fee. I’m not giving them coz of time clash.

Okay bro I will attempt PY allen Full tests.

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Seshank I think it covers all topics… You can go for aits as well…what say?

Ok read your reply above…regarding aits date clash…

i’m not telling its extremely hard some of them had good quality questions da!
btw now how do avail it? Isnt it online?

I’m not very sure. Any FIITJEE student can y’all check and lemme know @Ani_Ark @Sujit

bro link isnt working!

Lakshya Chandigarh.

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Link is working but I’m not able to login… .it says invalid enrollment no.

Can you check with your enrollment number?

Nope not working says Invalid Eno:
I don’t think so they’ll let us avail da!

It worked out for me …an hour ago

Btw my Mypat login is still working! Did you try logging in?

I think its not working cause I left fiitjee like an year ago

same. idiots wouldn’t have enrolled us.

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Ill try going directly to the office tomorrow and let you know!

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