Things to keep in mind while choosing a college

I’m starting this thread now so that I can post on here whenever I’m free… I’ll start posting and helping out after advanced ends.



@Seshank which colleges CAN we compromise with branch?

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I don’t get why people compromise with branch, if you are not interested in the field, why go for it? I’ve always wondered about this, because some of my classmates also say that they’ll take anything in the top 3 IIT’s .


My chem sir said to take any branch in iit bcz sir himself took cs in NIT. so his point was many core branch students was also. Able to sit in placement. Of non core.

One of my friends with 97.3 percentile said he’s joining production engineering in NITT with home state quota coz he wants the tag.


Bro that’s there. But imagine studying textile engineering when you have no interest in it. And do you think a CS related company will hire a student from textile engineering or other lower tier branches (anything below mechanical)?


The tag of a reputed college? Is it really that important? I have no clue about colleges in the first place, so I’d like to get as much info as possible before joining in one.


Below mech. I also think same.

It is… to some extent. Anyone who says that it doesn’t is from a private college and is lying.

Especially when you’re going abroad for studies, a tag will matter. But the converse isn’t true either… Even if you’re an IITian, you’ll find yourself competing with graduates from tier 2 colleges who have worked their asses off.


You have only 4 branches to choose from then… CSE, ECE, EEE, Mech. The cutoff for all these streams is less than 1500 for most old IITs.

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guys cse as a stream is not that imp in even longer run than that guy in the end its your skills forever and moreover if you are not in research in the end you end up in managerial roles

There’s nothing wrong in management roles lol… The position of CEO, CFO, COO are all managerial roles.

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So what jobs do you aim for once you’re in CSE?

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i didnt say anything is wrong i mean cse gives good college placement but with off campus even tier 3 people will be competing head on and later all will find themselves as managers of teams

competitive coding
AI - automation and algo
data mining in data sciences
security system

Chemical too, my. Friends brother got. Placed in software companies even though he is in chem

That you’ll figure only in college tbh… I’ve chosen data science as my specialization over core CSE coz I strongly feel that I won’t backtrack on my interests. And that’s precisely why I wanted to do the BSc online degree in programming and data science by IITM.

Once you’re in college you’ll decide as to where your interests lie… Be it in ML/AI, Cyber Security, Bioinformatics, Web Development, Internet of Things, Data Science. There are so many options to talk about.


That’s a one off case bruh. Most CE grads don’t get placed in core companies… Mereko ek straight question puchna hai… If you’re gonna be learning coding along with your primary degree, then might as well choose CSE in a lower college na? Why do you wanna choose different fields.


bro i have seen diploma people getting placed with google so list is infinite he is talking of top among them