Thread to share hard questions

Do share the questions here which in your opinion are hard. No doubts here. Please share the questions, you have the solution with or know the procedure.


People who has 2016 JEE Advanced question paper,upload it.

Those two papers are full of hardest numericals in JEE till date .

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Please use this thread as one on one questions not like you will Post the whole paper

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@Abhijit_Tripathy bro send some if you have some good questions.


Caution- 11th guys don’t try this


Is it some 12th concept? If yes then what? Bro @pratyaksh_tyagi Isn’t it just mechanics? :sweat_smile:

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You need to have knowledge of differential equations and integration to solve this
Instead try this @manan_uppadhyay


Where am I going wrong? @pratyaksh_tyagi bro?

@Abhijit_Tripathy any idea?

@manan_uppadhyay see the track is circular. In straight line path,you can use simple mechanics,but here you have to use calculus and integrate with limit to solve.

That’s why don’t try this if you don’t know calculus bro,it will be a waste of time.

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@manan_uppadhyay upto my knowledge it seems correct bro.

Well I am not well acquainted with this type of advanced level questions, there is a question similar to this in IE IRODOV,in solid body dynamics chapter.

Problem number 1.295.
Refer that,may be that will help bro. I can not solve IRODOV.

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Quite interesting :thinking:
@Tanmay_Sharma try this. I can’t solve this

@manan_uppadhyay your direction of friction is opposite
Mg=N1+kN2…(1) & kN1=N2…(2)
Using this we get N1 &N2
Now for rotational retardation f2×R+f1R=Iα
Find α and put it in equation w^2=w_0^2-2α(theta)
Answer is 14

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@doubtion can we use latex here

My teacher told that we can assume friction in any direction, if wrong then the answer comes positive. Why not here?:confused: @satyendra_srivastva

I will inform when you can

@manan_uppadhyay see the bottom of the wheel and see where will it slip, opposite to that friction acts , here there are multiple forces involved so you can’t use that as you’ll get wrong equations

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Ok got it bro. One equation ruined it. :cry:

It reminds me of cycling.
The friction on the wheels act forward while I move forward.

That was the mistake @manan_uppadhyay bro,and yes,I also missed it. :joy:

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Forward on rear and backward on front i guess in a cycle.

No,forward in both cycle wheel while you are accelerating forward.

That is a conceptual confusion of almost every other new guy,once it was mine too.