Thread to share notes

Hey there! I’ll be uploading notes for whichever chapters you would require in maths and chemistry!

Please note that these notes are from none of the admins of this site but rather of Sachin Rana (request you not to disclose this to him coz his notes are paid). We’re just doing this in support of all our active members.

This thread is locked to TL3 members which means that not everyone will be able to access it. Only our trusted and active members will be able to access this thread. Our own notes we shall upload on a separate thread.


I need 3 chapters - Functions, C&D, AOD

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Would you mind to provide me the organic and inorganic part of chemistry.

I am actually a little bit average in this.

PnC and probability in mathematics.

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Differentiability and differentiation:
Permutations and Combinations:

Unfortunately AOD and Functions is not there. But I’ll try to find them for you.


Organic :



Thank you so much bro,this is a gift for being active I guess ?

Lol :joy:

Why is this asking for some request ? Who is the owner BTW ?

Chemical equilibrium please @doubtion If you have it. Been missing classes.

@manan_uppadhyay can you access the above links ?

No @Abhijit_Tripathy

Some email request access from owner appears. Will try on pc.

@Seshank please fix it bro.

@Sourav_Kr,can you access the links bro ?

No, i have requested

Me too. At first I thought it is locked for me only :joy:

Oops. Wait I shall download and then send it to y’all.

Please mention chapters.

Equilibrium and Organic chemistry(11th) if possible.

GOC complete

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Still asking for access permission. @doubtion

Now check.

Yeah Thanks a lot @doubtion :slight_smile: