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Ionic equillibrium @doubtion

Ionic equilibrium notes :

Ionic equilibrium short notes:


Guys,does anyone have some objective book for inorganic chemistry for JEE ?

I have pretty good Hydrogen, p block and s block notes, of my teacher (elite ones).
They are basically ncert+ condensed jd lee.
I’ll upload if someone needs them, but it might make a couple of days.

Bro,I have notes already,I need some practise for that.
Do you have V.K Jaiswal ?

Yes. I do have entirely new book and let me check for pdf. see this as of now. Got to go for class so else later.


Good for revision and daily use.
Thanks Manan.
You people helped me a lot for preparation.

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Grb inorganic

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I have this GRB book.
thanks anyway bro.

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Can you upload for Hydrogen? It wasn’t taught to us.
Here’s hydrogen


guys can somebody give me notes for Magnetics?


@manan_uppadhyay Do you have the same notes as hydrogen ones for qualitative analysis too?

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No bro.

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Chemistry :writing_hand: Handwritten notes :blue_book:

  1. Mole concept

  1. Atomic Structure

  1. Periodic Table

  1. Chemical Bonding

  1. Gaseous state

  1. Thermodynamics and thermochemistry

  1. Chemical Equilibrium

  1. Ionic Equilibrium

  1. S block elements

  1. Boron and carbon family

  1. Redox Reaction

  1. P block group – 15, 16, 17, 18

  1. D & f block elements

  1. Coordination Compounds

  1. IUPAC Nomenclature

  1. Isomerism

  1. GOC I

  1. GOC II

  1. Chemical Kinetics

  1. Electrochemistry

  1. Solutions

  1. Hydrocarbons

  1. Halogen Derivatives

  1. Alcohol, Phenol & Ether

  1. Aldehyde and Ketone

  1. N – containing compounds

  1. Solid State

  1. Important organic conversions


I dare you to share Bond Length and Bond Strength notes from GOC chapter.

Please please share kardo ya fir koi source batado :pray::pleading_face: